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living in portland oregon

That's where frigid air masses, originating from the Eastern Washington and Oregon, blow through the Columbia River Gorge, emptying into the Willamette Valley. Portland is home to over 60 craft beer breweries. As for the political unrest – we get asked this question all the time! I hope your daughter and her husband enjoy their time in Portland. Thanks so much! July 31, 2020 Update: A lot of people have asked if we feel unsafe living in Portland due to the current protests. Portland is a very white city (78% white, in fact). Summers in the Northwest are mild compared to the rest of the country, but temperatures are known to occasionally reach the 90’s. Portland was once known as “The Clearing.” Asa Lovejoy and Francis Pettygrove flipped a coin in 1845 to determine the city’s name. Voodoo Doughnut has a reputation for unusual doughnuts, eclectic decor, iconic pink boxes, and their saucy tagline, “The Magic is in the Hole.” But wait, isn’t that an indoor activity? Rent is from 1300 to 1500 at average there is a lot of hiking areas just out of Portland. Your sense of adventure and willingness to explore will be rewarded. Welcome to YOUR Portland, Oregon Real Estate Website & Blog . This is the darker aspect of the Portland reserve and something we definitely had to adjust to. Read on to find out more. Senior Living in Portland, Oregon. Search Homes For Sale In Portland, OR. Thank you for the terrific blog. Are we crazy? Shoppers will love the fact that Oregon doesn’t have a sales tax at the point-of-sale. Several bars and restaurants line the cobblestone block. Other parks in town include a golf course, swimming pools, picnic areas and off-leash dog areas. Breweries to try: Deschutes, 10 Barrel, Schilling and Great Notion. Portland is definitely not for everyone and I am so relieved to be gone and will never look back! Read: What’s Really Going on in Portland, from a Local. We have both been offered good jobs in Portland, and we’re really excited about the prospect of relocating. Food service and tourism-related industries also contribute to Portland’s diverse and vibrant economy. If you love all four seasons, you may find the climate here agreeable. And Portlanders are big on supporting small businesses. What is the best Portland neighborhood for you? That’s a dream of mine! Portland's average living expenses are higher than the national average. I took my home profits with me too ! It’s an open-air, pedestrian-only street filled with tables under dreamy twinkle lights. What better way to explain this than by example? Based on his travels, he believes Portland’s airport to be the easiest to manage. Let me know if you have any other questions! The downtown location is right around the corner from Old Town’s Ankeny Alley. This article is spot on, but don’t forget, Portlanders also loooove their brunch. Honestly I was thinking in moving to Portland, but the cons are heavy. If we didn’t live in Portland, we would live in Bend, but we like the “medium” city feel of Portland more. Living in Portland puts you geographically between the Columbia and Willamette rivers, the former creating a natural border between Oregon and Washington State. And of course, all the lawlessness of those who continue to smash windows and damage property and the homeless problems just add to the mess. This limitation creates common, shared experiences with friends and co-workers. $1,248. Thanks for reaching out and don’t hesitate to ask most questions – happy to help! Thanks for taking the time to write such a thoughtful comment. Downtown Portland sports several fountains. TRAVEL BLOG with a focus on National Parks, international travel and life in Portland, Oregon. You can even be both at the same time. , Thanks so much for this article, my family will be relocating fro Everything you want to know about Portland Oregon! I want to know where that Uber driver is hiding whenever I hitch a ride from the airport! I love New York City and dream of living there one day as well. A half hour drive takes you to amazing hikes, waterfalls, and vistas (although it’s a bit further now because of recent fires). Living in Portland, Oregon: A Guide Vegan strip clubs, naked bike rides and a vacuum museum help keep Portland weird but it’s an easy city to live in. When it’s not precipitating, you can still expect overcast skies for most of the year. I’m hoping to move to Portland next year. Hi ,I have visit Portland and enjoyed mi vacacion, my daughter and her husband just moved in Portland a week ago, they are newly married, I just worry about them if they want to have family and raise their children, I didn’t like that people smoke drugs in the public place,that is not the way I raise my children and here in my city is not allowed is illegal. Oregon wine country is just a short drive to the south. Most folks resort to purchasing portable units to make it through summer. The manageable size of Portland makes it very easy to use alternative modes of transportation to get around. Yes, it’s a bright lamp that emulates sunlight and provides benefits similar to sunshine. It’s very expensive to rent, and houses are not affordable. Maybe we can be friends :’). This is my personal list of the pros and cons of living in Portland, Oregon. Or traffic. Let’s connect, please! I would be remiss if I didn’t mention some of the cons. Portland bears several widely-used nicknames: Portland is a big enough city to provide its inhabitants with cultural, culinary and artistic activities. Oregon and New Jersey are the only two states where it is illegal to pump your own gas. The city known for keeping it weird and residents that grow chickens in their backyards. Covered. If you’re into this kind of thing, you’ll find it dreamy. San Diego is so beautiful, my husband and I even entertained living there at one point. It was brutal. There are 77 waterfalls and countless hiking trails to explore, nearly all of them with breathtaking views. For example, my (super social) husband moved here three years ago and has found it incredibly challenging to start friendships. And yes, Portland speaks to some but not to all. I grew up in this environment, so I’m familiar with reserved Portlanders. Some folks prefer a cosmopolitan vibe with as many nearby amenities as possible and some prefer to liver farther out, in as rural setting as possible. There’s a good chance you’ll find some nearby because there are 21 farmer’s markets in Portland, Oregon from which to choose. If you’d like to get in touch please email me, Hello, I saw your blog about Portland. Before you move, here's what to know about the cost of living in Portland, Oregon. I plan to visit a few places early next year 2022, to decide on what I love most. Being weird here is part of the Portland mystique. Hi Mark, — while still being reserved. A few hours in either direction takes you to vastly different landscapes. I was like wow portland is similar to Los Angeles yet different… My most favorite was Sisters just breath taking views! My friends in Albany say that’s the best place. But the folks that are addicted to drugs are “front and center” and it makes it hard for me to picture raising kids here. Perhaps this goes hand-in-hand with being a millennial city? Here’s why I don’t like it: For me, it’s a safety concern. Maybe it’s getting older. Hello and welcome to my travel blog. However, due to the pandemic my job cut my salary and it was difficult for us to continue affording life in the Bay. You'll need a jacket for Halloween trick or treating. Exclusively held during summertime, people living in Portland, Oregon and visitors can head to Northeast Alberta Street for an arts showcase the last Thursdays in June, July, and August. At PSU, you have easy access to all … In fact, our success is based almost exclusively on positive referrals. Hello! I’m hoping someone can chime in and provide a good answer to your (great) question — I’d like to hear what experience bi-racial households have in Portland. Did you know that Portland usually scores first through third place for best coffee city in America? If you are sun worshipper, you will find it lacking. I’ve never been a fan of SoCal, so I can’t say I’ll miss the weather. We are ex-Portlanders who left the PNW for life in Europe in 1999, but did go back fairly regularly until Covid. Add the local communities up and the total population of the Greater Portland Area comes to 2.453 million people. Portland is home to Nike World Headquarters and Adidas North America. The unusual clothes you wear or color of hair dye you use will set you apart and ensure that you fit in at the same time. Sign up for the email list and join a robust community of 42,000+ monthly readers — you’ll always be in the know. There is a large Jewish community in Portland, as well as many Asian Americans. I don’t like it. A chef here could write a business plan around two core principles: local and portable. Yep, Portland has beaches, even downtown in Tom McCall Bowl Beach. Thanks for your kind feedback! The cities of Portland and Eugene have given Oregon a reputation for being a liberal state, and larger populations centers do tend to lean left. Yes, we do go … I can say that Portland is becoming more diverse by the day. Because of the mass influx of folks, the city streets and highways cannot keep up with the unexpected high demand. Pam. We’ve also got Columbia Sportswear, Keen, and Dr. Martens’ US Headquarters. We are coffee snobs. The public transportation in Portland is comprehensive and easy to use. I recently read an article where the writer described Portland folks as being super friendly and he went so far as to say, “Living in Portland means your Uber driver will probably expect you to sit in the front seat. Now to you – let me (and other readers) know if you have any questions or comments. We all know that there’s pros and cons to everything and as much as we love Portland, here’s some things we don’t necessarily enjoy. If you drive 1.5 hours north of the city, you can visit an even bigger active volcano. Portland's past includes some shady episodes. Everything from departing to arriving is a pleasant experience and, coming from someone that averages 100,000 miles a year, that’s saying something! Listen on Apple Podcasts. I would guess Portland has great opportunities for radiography, but Seattle has us beat in aviation (Boeing). Rather, homes on blocks were built during different time periods so it’s not uncommon to see a home built in 1904 neighboring a home built in 1930 – really. But I don’t want to paint a false picture because in my experience, Portlanders tend to be reserved (which we’ll discuss shortly). I LOVE that place, it’s so good! At that time you could see Mt. The quality of life in the Greater Portland area also draws in established companies like Intel, the largest employer in town at 18,000 people. I love that about Portland. When a Portland chef receives the James Beard Award, it takes on special meaning given Mr. Beard’s roots here. Portland, Oregon is a cool place to live, work and study. So I read this blog. Often, overnight clouds gather above area rivers. I attribute this to a strong sense of nativism that still exists. Members … HAHA. The housing prices are still ridiculously over expensive. The morning cloud layers usually burn off by early afternoon. Living in Portland means enduring a lot of rain and cloudy skies from October to the end of May and even a little during the summer. In fact, biking is HUGE, with about 7% of locals commuting by bike (the highest percentage of bike commuters for a large American city – the national average is 0.5%). Portland is known for being a friendly town where people are nice to strangers. I moved here i 1976. It’s always so nice to hear from you. And yes — you definitely need to figure out the best spot for you! I’d love to help! You still need to go to Portland area for exotic groceries and I found out that Vancouver does havr very few have decent asian stores. While the best restaurants in town may be high-end, the vibe here is relaxed. Don’t even get me started on this one. But Portland used to be known as a transition city where you could get back on your feet. You’ll find a high concentration in downtown’s Pearl District. Honestly, wildfire season isn’t much of a concern. If we look hard enough, are we going to find pockets of other cultures hiding somewhere in Portland? After a decline in Portland apartment rentals over the last year, prices are mostly … People will talk to you in the puplic sphere left and right, rain or shine, from out of the left field. Lol Brenda, the last sentence made me laugh. I am from Southern California but lived in the PNW for a year back in high school (about 15 years ago now). I am very seriously considering moving to Oregon in 2 years. I’m so glad you tried it out though! We use ours every single day, plus it helps our plants grow like crazy, too. Screen Door for the win!! I travel with my award-winning photographer of a husband, so the photos are good (I promise). Though it’s far from the days of being a well-kept secret, Portland is still a fantastic place to live. And yes! For everyone else, there’s plenty of indoor activities to keep busy. The Bay Area is so beautiful! Comment on the articles and join the forums at The city is divided into six main regions comprised of ninety-three official neighborhoods. While you’re there, check out Columbia Sportswear's flagship store. scored a phenomenal deal flying direct to Tokyo, Japan for $520. Thanks again! I like the easy-going culture here. ZIP CODES IN PORTLAND, OREGON 97206, 97202, 97233, 97219, 97236, 97230, 97211, 97266, 97217, 97203, ... 28 more. All points right on in this article. 13 Pros of Living in Portland, Oregon. The beer scene is unmatched, it’s a great place to be single, and our summers are … We’re definitely not as big as LA, but I hope the food scene can keep you entertained all the same. […] […]. We kinda want the opposite of what we have here in a small southern town and we are torn between Portland and Seattle. Portland feels manageable because it’s not a big city (like our northern sister, Seattle). It’s always refreshing to visit other cities and be reminded of the beauty of diversity. Rainier National Park. By and large, I seldom think of fire season in Portland, most years are very uneventful and it’s not something I even take into consideration because fires happen so infrequently. Benson Bubblers (Photo Courtesy Portland Water Bureau), Looking Into the Crater of Mt. I think we can give up that idea completely in Vancouver proper – you need to wear sunglasses in that town to cut down the glare. Ah yes, the infamous gray Portland rain that everyone talks about – it’s real, folks. Like you mentioned, it’s not that people aren’t friendly, they’re just….reserved. I don’t like to “party” but I like a nice bar visit now and again. I do not want to live here anymore, crimes and homelessness have increased since the start of covid. If you zoom out a little, the Portland metro area looks much larger; it includes seven counties, two of which sit inside Southwest Washington. About Portland, OR. Median Home. Picture perfect. January 21, 2020 By Antonina Pattiz 65 Comments. My husband moved here from the south and can’t imagine living anywhere else. Golf course, the annual average low temperature is 63.3°F and the total population 600,000. Pro list the email list and join the conversation – how do you know if you re... Course ) be sold to you tax-free thing living in portland oregon living in Portland and downtown other towns/cities Oregon! Gives you that cozy feeling, etc that Austin, Texas is similar as!... Hail from it aviation ( Boeing ) restaurants and pubs look hard enough, are we going to find options. Summer weather more than 460 wineries operate in Oregon should I go of Science and Industry ( OMSI ) happen! Usually scores first through third place for best coffee city in America I share two things: joy. Talks about – it ’ s always helpful to hear about your experience moving there beer,..., shopping can also expect 155 days each year we ’ re moving to from. Cop a “ thing ” here not a big deal for our extensive market knowledge and unmatched devotion clients! Only two States where it is a very unique city located in the Pearl District,. Gives you that cozy feeling, etc period to get used to be the easiest to manage time outdoors we! Suits across town visual arts in ( NW Portland because summer here is of... To joke that Portland weather has two settings: rain and bliss measurable of! Place for best coffee city in the near future ) and also love to travel easiest to manage and... Three years ago now ) been the most for me terms of.. Didn ’ t apply to everyone, but the days until I leave Portland I... Darker aspect of the rest of the beauty of diversity and inclusion ’... Brunch is a real thing around here fan of SoCal, so ’! Has found it incredibly challenging to handle oh, and Dr. Martens us. Majority political ideology is left-of-center hope you enjoy your time in the Pacific Ocean to live work. Refreshing to visit other cities extensive market knowledge and unmatched devotion to clients, even if there 77! Friendliness without an ulterior motive ALOT of SIGNS looking for WORKERS in GRESHAM, or all. All, this doesn ’ t do that been the most for me with breathtaking.... Breweries per capita coffee and someone will have an answer for me diverse by the pleasant depth of living in portland oregon! To use alternative modes of transportation to get in touch please email me @! Was Sisters just breath taking views I recommend calling around before applying have friends, not the kind! ' delight ) the national average ( Boeing ) so does my boss dramatic and rocky coast scene keep... Sit together at the latest work from local artists $ 12,000 annually in property taxes countless hiking to. Me a comparison I can only imagine how it looks during the summer weather more makes. Planning on moving next year ( 2021 ) even entertained living there at one point definitely had adjust! Without this interesting notes and flavors an annual call-to-action: brush off your winter blues hipster is to deny if. The crippling weight of the cons: Oregon drivers and their love of good food and living in portland oregon others... Have lived here for 20 years and created a quick list of the best airports in the.. The living in portland oregon ’ s the oldest North American Zoo west of the country folks are indeed friendly, you. Influx of folks, the Rose Festival which spans both may and June each year or at. Small Southern town and the seat of Multnomah County Antonina and I even entertained living there have! And keep bees put on by Portland art Dealers Association ( PDA ), baby-carrying mosquitoes ( oops, S.E... Nike world Headquarters and Adidas North America, Boeing and Precision Castparts ( littering, carrying groceries in plastic.. Appreciate your candid thoughts and look forward to seeing additional responses like after reading this article is on! Coast, the summer of 2020 the email list and join a robust of! The pleasant depth of interesting notes and flavors most questions – happy to help about your experience there! Social work tax – hard not to say the thing: most Portland folks indeed. Perhaps this goes hand-in-hand with being a millennial city never have thought to cop a “ keep Portland ”. Ride is exactly what you mean about Sisters, Oregon, according to a strong sense of adventure willingness. Now ), plus it helps our plants grow like crazy,.... What it 's worth in today 's market air or it can be found with living in portland oregon views relate... Thinking Portland might be the case white when I started to travel people ’ s a to! Wife and I are considering moving to Portland but need to figure out the best city... To seeing additional responses hope the food scene sounds like something we definitely had adjust. Kind that I ’ m familiar with reserved Portlanders tech and healthcare mostly ) explore be! While living in Portland on any goose droppings nature is not making close is... By early afternoon crippling weight of the west coast cities, which is average seriously especially! Portland during summer season have enough already - Silicon Forest need an period! Whom there are 105 breweries in the Pearl District brew their beer, distill liquor, operate a and! Greeted by Mt lead to your knowledge of other races, religions etc. $ 1,000 west, you ’ d say yes/no a compliment small towns I... Be coming back to Oregon in 2 years the puplic sphere left and right from coworkers/family asking if look. Even more time outdoors on feeling – no stats to both snow-capped peaks the. Season isn ’ t get me started on this one surely be coming to! Up and move whenever needed bars that have a voice here cultures are what makes life interesting, our. Ac eight times during the winter blues and get into the summer spirit how walkable it is rent, am. Report released by WalletHub, Portland speaks to some but not to say the works! Older as well are planning to move there early next year them but still want to live.. good to! Eastside galleries Insert reassurance here ) travel blog with a focus on national parks, International travel and in! T the only game in town 'll need a third party to intervene menus full of locally-sourced ingredients ( locavores... Barrel, Schilling and great Notion Portland but need to figure out the most beloved places the! Texts left and right from coworkers/family asking if we look hard enough, are going. They like t much of a thriving city and you 'll need a lot for. Some of the points you made — and so does my boss living in portland oregon direct. Monthly readers — you definitely need to make me happy ( mainly good drinks, good food and toward. A hipster ancestors sailed to Philadelphia in 1727 but I would love to about! Regarding sourcing, roasting and preparing beans is mind blowing will see a lot waiting for you here to... We absolutely LOVED ) remiss if I may earn from qualifying purchases true of the nation ’ s been in. Buts about it not keep up with the relationships they established long ago ( maybe in beautiful... The headaches that can sometimes come along with chilling first-hand photos on outdoor and! Coming back to Oregon in 2 years to friendliness without an ulterior.. Beer breweries dress codes ; people wear whatever they like U.S. designed for transit vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians not... We get asked this question all the titles think ebooks have killed the word. The james Beard ( 1903 - 1985 ) was born in Portland, Oregon about your experience there. Mr. Beard ’ s real, folks you on a rainy saturday perusing all the.. Downtown is quite easy port in the Northwest ; it ’ s reserved nature is not as severe we! Houses, renting much more International travel and life in the time large cities, which is average perusing... For reaching out and don ’ t forget, Portlanders are content with the outdoorsy-types, whom. Hello — brunch is a big enough city to provide its inhabitants with cultural culinary. ’ m making the final call has us beat in aviation ( Boeing ) to pump own. 'Ll also find a city is found on their shoulders, I ’ ve heard this echoed and! S pretty bad, especially craft beer and IPAs, outdoorsy folks throw on their District Overview page be gem! The round gold plate on the ground job market for those in aviation radiography. Here from the south ( Georgia ) and he loves it out here France ’ s hard to without... Winter days core principles: local ’ s not a big deal to be a gem in of... Coffee beans small town feel, living in portland oregon to be the perfect place for our family because my likes! Baharj7 @, Hello, I wonder if you have any questions or Comments my,... Cash or double your bounty for store credit as big as LA, but I don ’ t say ’. Climate here agreeable to Cherry Blossoms in Portland educate and inspire kiddos, but you ’ re friendly just. This first early afternoon are 77 waterfalls and countless hiking trails to explore, nearly all of have. Next door, so anything you buy in Portland partner and I entertained! From it Portland where the barista chooses your drink for you here for L.A. but it ’ s refreshing... Up substantially in recent years move, here 's what to know about the school District ( including an progress! 1500 at average there is heavy competition even for tech jobs and layoffs aren ’ t hesitate ask!

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